How to Compress Outlook PST file Safely

So far we have read about what happens if your Outlook PST file minimum size limit is exceeded and the measures to prevent PST corruption. If the corruption has already taken place, you can recover from it using PST Repair Tool by Microsoft. There is a concern that many people have and shared with me. They say that it is not possible for them to manage multiple PST files in order to prevent corruption of PST file because of its size limit. A nice question asked by a curious 1st year college student was:

PST CompressQ: Is there any way that we can compress or compact our Outlook PST file?

First I recommend you to verify which version of Outlook PST is there in your computer. All information about PST is mentioned on Wikipedia.

So here i am with a solution of how you can compress your PST file to save disk space and keep Outlook working without any bug. Previously i had shared a solution to combine or merge multiple PST files into a single PST and it was really effective. You can create space or compress your Outlook PST file in multiple ways, i.e. manually or a third party effective tool. I am sharing a manual technique which can be effective at an extent, but if your Outlook PST is very large, then I recommend PST Compress and Compact tool which gives multiple options at the time of compression and safely compresses your Outlook PST.

You can compress the PST file by managing the mailbox items, using Mailbox Cleanup tool which comes with MS Outlook.

How to manage Outlook Mailbox (Outlook 2007)

  1. In your Ms Outlook Go to Tools ⇒ Click on Mailbox Cleanup

    Compress Outlook PST

    Click to Enlarge the Image

  2. Click on “View Mailbox files” tab in the popup. This will show the usage of different sections of your mailbox.
  3. If you Click on Auto Archive, your old emails will be automatically moved from your PST to an archive file in your computer
  4. Check the size of your deleted mail items by clicking on “View Deleted Item Size” and delete them using “Empty” tab.

How to compress or Compact Over sized PST file safely

  1. Open MS Outlook
  2. Go to View ⇒ Arrange by ⇒ Click on Size. This will sort all the images in largest to smallest file order.
  3. Delete unwanted emails (Especially the one with large file attachments)
  4. Make sure you permanently delete all emails from “Deleted items” section as well.
  5. Click on “Tools” in the menu bar and go to “Account Settings”
  6. Click on “Data” and select your Personal folder file (PST file)
  7. Double Click on the selected PST file or click on Settings
  8. Click on the “Compact Now” tab to compress your Outlook PST file.

Your PST files will be now compressed and with a reduced size. Though these manual techniques work well in small scenarios, but when it comes to large and important file transfers daily, you cannot afford deleting a single file. In such cases third party tools are the best options to go with. Above in this post, I have mentioned the tool that i recommend to use, but you can make your decision as per your convenience.Question and Comment


11 thoughts on “How to Compress Outlook PST file Safely

  1. Amit Gupta says:

    I have tried compressing the PST file with your manual procedures, but I think I need to go with another option, please help, it’s urgently required.


    • I am sorry that you aren’t able to fix the pain using the manual procedure. The tool has been specified in the article that can be used to compress PST. Its a trustworthy tool and you can rely on it to save time.


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